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Honor thy four-legged friends - by making your pet the "Star" of their own special day!
One of our local Sedona-Verde Valley Humane Societies has come up with a very creative "Fun"d-raiser. For a (tax deductible!) $20 donation you can give your favorite four-legged 'person' their own day on their 2009 Calendar . You'll Read More...
Sedona at a Glance
If you'd like a quick, easy to digest overview of Sedona, visit my website and my " Sedona at a Glance " page. It's a great place to start getting to know the immediate Sedona area communities. A click on the hotlink above will take Read More...
So You Think You Want to Move to Sedona?
Admit it, you've been trying to figure out how to move to Sedona ever since you came through to visit (fill in the blank) on your way to the Grand Canyon. Either that, or your best friend did and can't stop talking about it. How do I know? Let's Read More...

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