What if my Dog meets a Rattlesnake while hiking near Sedona AZ???

A gentleman called me this morning from snowy Wisconsin. He is thinking of relocating to the Sedona - Verde Valley area, and as we were discussing his wants and needs he mentioned his two well-loved doggies. I was telling him about some great areas where he could take them to run free when he asked: "What if they run into a rattlesnake"?

That is a GREAT question! Here is the answer: enroll them in Rattlesnake University. No, REALLY!

 Rattlesnake in Arizona 

As we were speaking, I recalled a friend (and mom of an Aussie) telling me about this training, which she of course enrolled her sweet girl in. As the 'dog-mom' of a very inquisitive 11-month old Border Collie-Aussie mix myself, I had made a mental note....but did nothing else.  When this came up, I gave my friend a call to get the details and was directed to Viper Voidance out of New River, Arizona (about an hour from the Sedona - Verde Valley area) - otherwise known as "Rattlesnake U". Rest assured, our Abbie Lu will soon be going to school herself!

 Take a look at the stories on the website....this could save the doggie owners much grief as well.

 Stay safe - and Happy Trails in Red Rock Country!


Published 20 January 14 06:46 by Beth Larsen
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