Scorpion Alert! Mind your P's, Q's, Fingers and Toes...

As a general heads-up comment:

I've lived in Arizona for a combined total of about 23 years between Tucson (2 years) and Sedona-Verde Valley (the past 21 years), and have managed not to be stung by a scorpion...but I'm thinking that's more dumb luck than anything else, especially based on recent anecdotal evidence:

  • I recently (within the last 3 weeks) encountered my first scorpion inside my home in the 4 years I've lived here (new construction, thought it was ‘sealed up tight') - at 10:30pm as I padded around in my kitchen with my bare feet...just inches from my toes. It was huge - at least 2 inches long!
  • A client of mine was recently visiting friends in Phoenix, reached into her suitcase on the guest room bed, and got stung on the finger! No clue if she brought it down with her from Sedona/VOC or picked it up there.
  • A friend in Tucson's husband was stung on his hand this morning - at their own kitchen sink! Apparently a small one, but quite painful...and he had been stung on the same hand just a month ago.

                                                                  One of Arizona's Desert Denizens: the Scorpion

Guess we'd all better beware...apparently they are more plentiful this year. If we are to live in the desert, we must remember to watch for our native neighbors.

Stay safe, all.


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