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Sedona International Film Festival & Workshop - 2007: 13th Year!
It'll be "lucky 13" for those of you who are able to attend the 13th Annual Sedona International Film Festival, a HUGE 5-day cinephile's orgy of 150 films. Every year Sedona's film festival in the Red Rocks just keeps growing and Read More...
Guest Expert John Lupo: "What not to do after you apply for a home mortgage!"
I invited one of my favorite local Sedona real estate loan consultants to share some thoughts with Sedona-Blog.com. Here then, is his most recent contribution (and good advice it is, too)! What not to do after you apply for a home mortgage! I hear about Read More...
"Beautiful Dreamer" to screen at Sedona's Second Tuesday Cinema Series
Just in time for Valentine's Day, a love story to sweep you - and your sweetie - off your feet. If you've never attended one of these evenings and you love movies, you're really missing out! The Sedona International Film Festival & Workshop's Read More...
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