New National Listing Service to Debut Shortly

Point 2 Agent, a Canadian Company with customers all over the world (and incidentally my website provider for and this Blog) announced today their new "NLS" or National Listing Service.

First National Listing Service???

What follows is an excerpt from a remark I made on Tony Arko's blog post on Active Rain about the Top 50 Real Estate Teams not blogging, and how Realtors® who don't keep up with changes in marketing & technology may not find themselves on top in the future:

...New ways to leverage the Internet arrive daily. For instance, Point 2 Agent just rolled our their new NLS (National Listing Service!!!) to members today, and will soon be releasing it to all real estate licensees. ANY licensee will be able to choose to advertise their listings for free. This is based on their Agent Handshake system. Pretty interesting stuff...(if you love something, set it free???)

Read the press release: First National Listing Service for Real Estate Launched....Jan 4, 2007

To elaborate:

This all goes along with debates I have been following on various Real Estate Industry forums regarding giving agents more control over where and how their listings appear on the web, and the QUALITY of that advertising. Unlike where you get only the most basic listing unless you pay for an enhancement package, Point 2 Agent's NLS  will give agents the capability of adding rich data even at the free level, even if they don't choose to have a website with them. If you have a professional or premium site with them (at very reasonable prices, IMHO) you will have the ability to add more photos and features of course, but even the basic level is better than what most sites AND many MLS's currently offer.

This will hopefully offer the public a better viewing experience, and raise the bar for the industry as a whole.

This will be very interesting to watch...

What does this mean to the consumer? Well, for starters that there really isn't any good excuse for not giving Seller's listings Internet exposure and excellent detail in this day and age, and that Buyers have options on where and how to find the information they want and need as well. Don't settle for crummy information with lousy (or no!!!) photos and no tours!

For a sample of how a residential listing looks visit, and for an example of a vacant lot listing view


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