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 City of Sedona Development Fees to Increase

Planning on building in Sedona? You might want to submit your building permit application before April 1, when some fairly significant increases to development fees will take effect. This will of course add to the already substantial cost of housing in Sedona.

At the most recent regular meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 1st, the Sedona City Council approved a proposition to raise impact fees by a  6-1 vote. There have also been some changes as to what is included in those fees (storm drainage impact fees are no longer included for instance), and how different types of properties are categorized. These changes were based on a study by the City's consultant, TischlerBise.

 You can read the full Development Impact Fee Schedule on the City of Sedona website, along with all the nitty-gritty details and what they mean to you and your dream project. You can also find details on how to apply for Building Permits.

Completed applications received prior to the April 1, 2007 deadline will be grandfathered under the current fee schedule, so don't delay!

 The good news (hopefully), is that these fees are meant to help mitigate the effect of all the growth Sedona has experienced and will continue to we can continue to enjoy the quality of life we have come to expect from the Sedona experience. Funds are earmarked to support Parks & Recreation, General Government, Police and Transportation.

Published 18 December 06 03:26 by Beth Larsen
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